Doh Property Technology is a property technology company that provides advanced technology solutions and services for commercial, industrial and residential properties, using the state-of-the-art technology to deliver the best quality of services with transparency and efficiency.


Fresh solutions are essential for every new challenges. We understand the value of innovation in property market, hence we designed the system to be an extendable platform for unlimited opportunities. We have engineer it to adapt easily to provide for a greater customer experience. We power the future with PropTech 3.0, an advanced technology that allows you to streamline all your property business processes from multiple locations. This ensures that the system can also be customised gradually according to your changing needs in the future.


We do support increased workplace productivity and enhanced customer satisfaction by automating processes, reduced administrative works, provision of spontaneous access to information and ensuring that customers are able to handle the property operations in the most effective and efficient way. We believe that the future of property management should perfectly straightforward and simple. It is about empowering the owners/tenants and administrators with accurate information and the right tools with a powerful centralized control.


A sense of security and community doesn’t come naturally for most people, especially in modern society. We are developing a digital community in a residential complex to support a caring society. Property Management System to help people connect easily from anywhere. Knowing of your property manager, recognize you and your family brings a sense of security and community, feel safer, enjoy where you live more and feel more connected. Digital community features will create a sense of social cohesion to promote a neighborhood spirit.


We don’t sell product only. We sell services. We are ensuring of your achievement and desired outcome while using our product. Our commitment to your success is by providing competent training and continual education to master the systems, processes and the best practices. This will be beneficial for on-boarding customers by implementing and operating a foolproof system. You will have Customer Success Manager as well as direct access to Solution Consultant for advice on the choice of strategy and approach required to meet your business objectives.

Doh Property Management System

Key Features

Enterprise Features

Property Sales and Leads Management

Specifically designed for professional property sales, allowing you to better manage, measure and track your leads and sales, and conversion rates.

Tenants & Leasing Management

The system helps make life easier for landlords and agents to list, lease, track, and manage properties.

Installment Payment Management

Automation of monthly payment installments, payment tracking and payment reminders are the most efficient way to manage the accounts receivable.

Automatic Meter Reading (AMR)

Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) is a data acquisition software platform that integrates with a smart meter and uses a smartphone camera to read all meters.

State-of-the-art Technology

Native Cloud System

Hosted on Microsoft Azure & Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Highest Security

Singapore Multi-Tier Cloud Security Standard (MTCS SS 584) Level 3 (CSP)

Full Compatibility

Online web based system, fully compatibilities with all latest internet browsers

High Availability

24/7/365 Availability with at least 99.99% Uptime

Multi LCL (Language, Currency, Location)

The system can be used simultaneously in different locations and in different languages and in different currencies with the same data set and the same system configuration.

Multiple devices

Our solution run on different form factors such as mobile, tablet and desktop.

Mobile App

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