Key Features

Property Record & Residents Management

Systematically record and seamlessly access your property information wherever you are and whenever you need. Created residents type owners and tenants identified clearly to improve accountability.

Facility Bookings

Reserving a place to celebrate your special occasion has never been easier with our solution. Simply finger taps away of booking your favorite amenity – tennis courts, badminton courts, BBQ pit or conference rooms. Auto conflict detection, available date and time of facilities only able to select for booking, online payment is easy to make your facilities booking fee.

Visitor Management

Simple and easy yet secure solution in managing visitor without losing its hospitality. The system allows you to create and manage visitor details such as name, mobile number, car licence plate number to generate OTP (One-time Password) and sent to visitors as security one-time pass code with specified duration.

Defect Reports

We make it easy for you to submit defects reporting of your new home when you do defects inspections using our product mobile apps, you can input detailed notes of the defects and able to take photo of the defects. Management team to follow up work orders, assign them to vendors and tracking progress is just a few clicks, end to end transparent workflow improve service quality and service level.

Car Parking Management

You can request for additional car parking slot through system with online payment option available. Manager can view ownership or rented status of the parking slot and easy to manage visitor parking to visitor slot.

Complaint Management

You can file your complaints to the property manager, but you don’t need to contact him/her directly. Our system will provide a direct channel to the property manager for you instead. Management able to view nature of complaints to handle and answer easily from management dashboard.

Renovation Request

If you owned it, you can renovate it within your property. Your renovation may require approval in certain areas within your unit. You can easily get approval by using the Doh PMS.


The paperless billing and ePayment services able to optimize your accounts receivable that make your working capital work for you. The Statement of Accounts will only be sent to property owner and tenants with outstanding balances. Payment reminder notification system helps residents to settle payment on time in order to avoid over due payment.